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For all at last returns to the sea — to Oceanus, the ocean river, like the ever flowing stream of time, the beginning and the end. Rachel Carson

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“The mission of Lawns to Lobsters is to educate the public on environmentally sound lawn care practices in order to protect and improve water quality in York’s rivers and ocean.”

What you can do: 

Lawns to Lobsters volunteers have created a brief brochure that describes  ten steps you can take to make a difference.


  • In 2009, the Kennebunkport Conservation Commission, in partnership with the
  • University of New England, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association and
    others, developed the Lawns for Lobsters program. They held a
    presentation at a well-attended community forum explaining their
    findings and the importance of best management practices, explained the
    steps that home area owners can take to ensure a healthy lawn, why
    questions should be asked of landscapers before embarking on a lawn care
    program, and how negative effects can be reduced while still having a
    green and attractive lawn. They also developed a concise, attractive
    brochure for use as a handout.
  • To gain visibility, the commission took the Lawns for Lobsters theme
    and had car decals printed. They also turned these stickers into small
    lawn signs, similar in size to the “horrid chemicals applied here”
    signs, which are mandatory when toxic chemicals are used on a lawn. The
    signs can be found on the lawns of all Kennebunk town buildings (town
    hall, library, police station, etc.), and on the lawns of people who
    have adopted the tenets of the Lawns for Lobsters program, and the
    stickers are popping up on cars and trucks – including those of some of
    the lobstermen – around town.
  • The Lawns for Lobsters program has begun to spread all over the
    state of Maine. Recently, members of the Cape Neddick River Association,
    the York Rivers Association, the Town of York Conservation Commission,
    the York Harbor Board, the Town of York Community Development
    Department, and a variety of other collaborators began a campaign to
    institute the program in the town of York. The original program has been
    slightly tweaked and is now call Lawns to Lobsters, giving
    greater emphasis on the flow of water from our lawns to the ocean. In
    the initial stages of the campaign a letter will be sent to property
    owners abutting the York and Cape Neddick Rivers to familiarize them
    with the current ordinances and best management practices for lawn care.

Lawns to Lobsters in the news

The York Weekly recently featured an article by Ron McAllister, a sociologist and writer who lives in York, describing Lawns to Lobsters.

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